Sunday, March 20, 2011


ok street mutants!SKULL FEST 3 will be on AUGUST 12/13/14!!!we will be coming out with an initial line up for skull fest 3 in the next week and a half or so,so be on the look out for that!in the meantime check out this show jimmy and myself are doing on april 24th!sunday night 3 bands total chaos and anarchy rager!DODSFALLA will be there from the wild colorado playing raw crust punk!plus local yokels RATFACE and THRONE OF POWER from crick country will be releasing theyre demo tape! plus a there will be a bar set up!All this at 30/30 paulowna street in polish hill at jimmy and krystina's house.6 there and be on the lookout for skull fest 3 news!if youre a band coming through let us know!

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