Wednesday, May 23, 2012


One of the more ferocious and hardcore sounding groups to come out of the early 80s uk peace punk movement,antisect (along with amebix) laid the sonic and idealistic foundations of what came to be known as crust punk.These spikey topped prophets of doom and gloom blended the blitzkreig attacks of groups like motorhead and discharge with the anarchist ideas of crass and flux of pink indians,while all the while adding theyre own strange sounds and free thinking concepts to the mix.Theyre sole LP,in darkness there is no choice,is an undisputed genre classic,and the bands logo can still be seen sewn onto thousands of studded jean vests all over the world.The band has reformed and will be playing a few select cities including pittsburgh pa! TUESDAY JUNE 5TH AT BELVEDERES! with appalachian terror unit,ratface and liebstod.8 pm 10 bucks 21+

note:this flyer says thursady instead of tuesday.that is wrong.awesome art by james from rotten though!


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